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hi how r u :-) — Anonymous

I’m fabulous, thank you:) What about you!:)


Being good to each other is so important, guys.


Looking at your otp like


For whatever it’s worth. 

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Name: Eden

Nicknames: Beads (IDK where that came from, had it since childhood) Eal or Eel (Geena) Edo (Darrel), and thats pree much all i remember the time being:)

Birthday: 9th July

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 1.70cm

Time zone: NZ Time.

What time and date is it there: Monday 1st September, 7:42pm

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 6-7 hours, its pretty bad but on weekends I get at least 11.

OTPs: Densi (NCIS LA), Caryl (TWD), Stydia (TW), Dean and Lisa (SPN), Zalfie (Youtube) 

The last thing I Googled was: 
(Apart from the Tumblr, Youtube searches) Brenton Thweight because I was watching Maleficent.

First word that comes to mind: Spaghetti

What I last said to a family member: and I quote “Okay”

One place that makes me happy and why: I like sitting in my temporary room, because I can just sit and watch tvshows and go on the internet in here and feel completely comfortable. The only downside is that the wifi connection is one bar:(

How many blankets I sleep under: 3

Favourite beverage: I mostly have water, but I LOVE Keri Tropical Juice with Pulp its so delicious

The last movie I watched in the cinema: The Fault In Our Stars, crazy how much I cried, I used like a whole box of tissues

Three things I can’t live without: (Other than all the necessities)Laptop, Ipod and cuddly blankets

Something I plan on learning: um idk

A piece of advice for all my followers: Enjoy the fandom that you have, try to make friends, enjoy each others company because oneday. That tvshow, movie, band, anything is going to go to shit, ORRR it will end and you will only have each other and reminisce on the good times or rage at the bad. (SOz my advice sucks. I’m 15, I can’t handle this type of pressure) 

You have to listen to this song: Mario Version of Kansas City’s - Carry On My Wayward Son…. It life changing

I tag: imevery1stype , im-thehotgirl , and all my lovely followers who wishes to do so

Favourite Pictures
↳ Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen

How many posts have you liked — Anonymous

uhm about 5,205 posts:)



some cute guy just winked at me with both eyes at the same time

it means he finds you twice as attractive